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Two Divisions, One Focus:

Improving patient outcomes with medication you trust.

Stokes Healthcare Divisions

Stokes Healthcare is a privately-owned business comprised of two divisions: Stokes Pharmacy (503A pharmacy) and Epicur Pharma (503B facility). The two divisions operate out of separate facilities in Mount Laurel, NJ, following different regulations and are guided by different principles. Learn more about our divisions below.  

If you would like to learn more about Stokes Healthcare, visit our about us page.


Stokes Pharmacy was founded in 1975. The pharmacy formulates custom prescription medicines for both humans and animals. The business has grown from a small, hometown operation in Medford, New Jersey, to a respected pharmacy serving the entire U.S., enabled by sophisticated online ordering and overnight shipping capabilities.


As an FDA registered facility, Epicur manufactures drugs with reliable potency and sterility from batch to batch. This reduces veterinary practice liability, improves patient outcomes, and allows veterinarians to fully trust in the medication they prescribe – every time. Epicur’s medications are in stock ready to ship the same day with only 1-2 days in transit.

Type of Facility
Traditional Compounding Pharmacy
FDA Registered Outsourcing Facility
Product Purpose
Customized prescriptions for individual patients
Manufactured drugs in large quantities for hospitals
Product Availability
Epicur's manufactured products and Stokes' compounded preparations for individual patients
Bulk orders available for unlimited hospital administration & dispensing*
*per federal law
Regulatory Oversight
State Boards of Pharmacy
USP (United States Pharmacopeia)
cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes)
Product Dating
Uses Beyond-Use Date (BUD) based on published literature (limited)
Uses Expiration Date with mandated testing for stability & sterility (proven)

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