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About Stokes Healthcare

Stokes Healthcare is a privately-owned business comprised of two divisions: Epicur Pharma (503B facility) and Stokes Pharmacy (503A pharmacy). The two divisions operate out of separate facilities in Mount Laurel, NJ, following different regulations and are guided by different principles.

Stokes Pharmacy was founded in 1975. The pharmacy formulates custom prescription medicines for both humans and animals. The business has grown from a small, hometown operation in Medford, New Jersey, to a respected pharmacy serving the entire U.S., enabled by sophisticated online ordering and overnight shipping capabilities.

In 2016, Stokes Healthcare built a world-class facility (which became Epicur Pharma), as a testament to the commitment to providing the highest level of quality.  Adding a unique new offering to the veterinary industry, Epicur Pharma is a mini-manufacturer, producing drugs such as Tacrolimus Eyedrops, Buprenorphine Injection and Gabapentin tablets. Epicur is overseen by the FDA and is considered a 503B Registered Outsourcing Facility. Epicur follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which are the same rules and regulations followed by commercial manufacturers. Epicur Pharma is proud to be a pioneer in animal drug standards, offering the largest selection of manufactured drugs that are traditionally compounded. Epicur products are distributed directly to veterinary hospitals from our manufacturing facility and offered through Stokes Pharmacy for individual patient prescriptions.

Stokes Healthcare About Us

Our Commitment

Stokes Healthcare has built a reputation for unwavering quality and superb service by holding fast to the founders’ commitment to traditional craftsmanship, combined with today’s most advanced knowledge and technologies. In a field where many corporate-owned pharmacies try to compete on price, Stokes has always put safety and quality first because patients’ lives depend on it. 

To produce the highest quality compounded drugs, the FDA highly recommended compounding pharmacies obtain registration by the FDA as an outsourcing facility. Only a handful of compounding pharmacies in the entire nation did so. Epicur Pharma has the expertise and dedication to meet these high standards for consistency and quality—one more reason that patients and doctors have trusted Stokes Healthcare for their medication needs for more than 40 years.

Stokes Healthcare is the obvious choice to providers in identifying a supplier with the highest standards for quality assurance, testing, and sterility. Stokes continues to go above and beyond established quality requirements to ensure patient safety.